caroline 1aBorn in England in 1957 into a multitalented artistic family she was often described as ‘the child who had been born with a paintbrush in her mouth’ Brought up in an environment steeped in all aspects of art and theatre it was not surprising that on finishing school she went on to do a foundation year in Fine Art. After the foundation year she decided to specialize in Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art which gave her free reign to explore and develop her many different talents. The long summer breaks from College gave her an opportunity to return to Corfu, where she had spent many happy holidays as a child; to work, and in 1979 she decided to move there permanently. 1984 saw her first solo exhibition in Corfu, followed by several group exhibitions. By 1990 as the demands of her young family lessened she started to work as a commercial muralist. Her first commission was the ‘Venetian Well’ restaurant, which she has reworked and developed several times over the following years.

caroline 1There are numerous examples of Caroline’s work in Corfu, the Ionian islands and Athens. By the mid 1990’s her work attracted International attention and commissions followed in England and the Caribbean. Most people associate murals with painting on walls but Caroline took the Trompe L’oeil to a new level with her first commission to paint the floor of the Hotel Janos’s swimming pool at Lefkada Marina. The theme was pebbles and sand and it was so realistic when filled with water, the management received a complaint from a guest about ‘How dangerous it was to put rocks in a swimming pool.’ It took some convincing to assure him it was a painting.

The success of the commercial work took its toll on her primary love of developing her painting and she was under pressure for several years, from clients and friends alike, to hold another exhibition. She therefore held a solo show at La Feuille d’Or in Corfu in October 2009. This exhibition included paintings from earlier years and also some of her latest works. When asked where she gets her inspiration from she replied simply’ I need to paint,’  The show was a great success.

caroline3aCaroline then continued her work as a muralist and completed further murals in the UK. Then in 2011, in need of a change, she opened her own gallery/workshop, Kyma, a little wave of gifts…Kyma, being the Greek word for wave. Here she spent two wonderful years painting, creating and selling her work. This year 2013 she closed the shop,due to other work commitments but continues her work at home, in her workshop and studio there, and also her freelance artwork and murals. She has two dearly loved sons, Dimitri and Eusebios, and her most faithful companion, her dog Jesse.

To buy items from my shop you can go to my Etsy shop Kymacreative.

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