benben2In the past, the Dimos has cleared a stretch of beach at Benitses alongside the tavernas and shops. Monday 2nd June saw the next phase in the beach clear up.

Last year nothing was done by the Dimos along this stretch of beach. So far this year nothing had been done either.

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody” (Lily Tomlin)

So, last week a small group of volunteers helped clear a pathway through the stones so tourists could actually get into the sea along this stretch of beach. Yesterday, because the businesses alongside that stretch of beach co-operated, and paid from our own pockets to get things done, the digger arrived to clear the beach itself and create a sandy stretch to make this part of Benitses not only more attractive, but also more accessible for tourists.

ben3ben1If we want to improve our business prospects, the key has got to be co-operation, not competition. If this stretch of beach is better and attracts tourists we will all benefit from it. Yes, it has taken money, and yes, it has taken effort, but today we saw just what can be achieved.

Come along and see for yourself what we’ve done here. If you have any more suggestions of how we can improve this area and make it more attractive for tourists, please let us know. But, whatever you do, remember, that we are now way past the stage of bemoaning how bad things are for business, and what the Dimos should or shouldn’t do to help us. It’s our home, our livelihoods, and our future – we have to take positive action to improve things for ourselves – working together, for the benefit of everyone.

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