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With a myriad of beaches that you can explore offering varying coastlines and scenic beauties, Corfu is the best place to go for a beach hopping trip. Apart from the ones that I have already featured on my previous posts, here are some of the other beaches that we’ve visited.

1. Agios Stefanos


With a backdrop of small rolling hills, olive groves and small village – this beach offers a scene like no other. We stayed at one of the many tavernas along the long stretch of sandy coast for a drink and I’ve noticed that it’s been flocked mostly by families. Probably because the water is shallow and safe for children. The only thing that I didn’t like about this beach was the cars were parked right at the shoreline which somehow obscures the scenic view right in front of you and it kinda ruins that “beach” atmosphere.

2. Paleokastritsa


It’s a small bay enclosed by 2 small hills which makes the water at the beach calm with not much waves. This is probably my favorite beach in Corfu, the only downside is – securing a good spot is not guaranteed since the shore is very small and a lot of people tend to flock it.


La Grotta Bar is also in Paleokastritsa which is the most scenic and the most unique beach bar I have ever been to. Getting there involves 142 steps from the main road or thru the sea. The beach bar was built between the huge cliffs which people use for cliff diving and it blended perfectly with the natural and scenic beauty of the small cove. Of course while there, you can either spend your day just drinking one of the cocktails that they have while listening to a great chill-out music or swim into the waters of the blue lagoon right in front of the bar. It’s a must-see while in Corfu as I don’t think you will ever find another beach bar which offers such unique and different experience.


3. Ermones Beach


I can’t really say much about this beach since we just passed by it and we didn’t really stay here. There was a taverna on top of the beach area which was packed when we arrived, we would’ve stayed there if not for the smell in this area. It was quite stinky, I’m not sure if it was just that day or if it’s an everyday occurrence. It looks nice though but the shore doesn’t look very promising.

4. Benitses Beach


The water is calm, the shore is pebbled and it’s not very crowded – I enjoyed our short stay in this beach. We paid EUR6.00 to use the sunbed and the hut umbrellas which is not that much, it was a peaceful and a very relaxing place. Tavernas and souvenir shops are all lined up just across the beach, the souvenirs here are a lot cheaper than the ones in Corfu Old Town so if ever find yourself in this area – do your souvenir shopping.

5. Agios Georgios


This is probably my second favorite beach in Corfu after Paleokastritsa. The shoreline is longer and bigger than the latter but the scenery is just the same – calm waters, pebbled beach and a lot less people. I loved it! The view of this place from the top of the mountains is also amazing:


Those were the only beaches that we’ve managed to visit while there which is not even half of what this island has to offer. There’s always a next time, yes? :)

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