Arkoudillas (3)From the Southern end of Kavos, Keep driving and you will see a sign on your right to the church of the Virgin Arkoudillas. Drive for about 1 km and you will find a right turn. You have 2 choices here, straight on for the monastery or right to the beach.







The beach. Take the right turning, although the road is a little rough to the beach. It is worth the visit.
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The Monastery. Carry on up the dirt track for 2km or so until you reach the monastery on the right hand side. (Please be aware that the Monastery buildings are collapsing and a sign saying Danger-keep out). From here you can explore the surrounding area and the forest walk that continues past the monastery down towards the beach. From the Monastery there are splendid views down the steep cliffs and out to sea towards Paxos.

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