St Spiridon

Agios or Saint Spyridon beach and resort is set on the North east coast about 42km from Corfu town and a little over an hour by car. Set around two small bays with stunning views across Albania and the sloops of the Pantokratora Mountains behind you, this quiet beach resort is not to be missed. The beach areas are made up of sand enclosed at either end by stunning rock formations and crystal clear waters. There is an all inclusive hotel here but you can still find a small selection of Bars, restaurants and shops, although these are limited but it is also what keeps this area secluded. At the far end of the main beach is the inlet for Antinioti Lake, there is a small bridge here that will take you to the area known as Nissos Island, the lake and its two inlets at either end make this area an island in its own right. This is a protected area of Corfu and is abundant with flora and wildlife including the threatened Otter species Lutra-lutra, and many rare orchids. There are some beautiful walks along here and you will find the small beach of Laronis, which is a completely unspoilt cove and has a natural water break. Further along the track you will find a wooded area where you can see the abandoned church and monastery of St.Ekaterini. You can also walk along the paths made in the rugged coastal path with its stunning rocks littering the path it is well worth wearing a sensible pair of shoes but can be navigated in flip flops.

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