Steeped in legend Ermones beach lies on the North West coast about 15Km from Corfu town and can be reached by car in about 20 minutes. The beach, which is made up of sand and shingles can be found on the edge of the Ropa valley and is marked by its dramatic cliffs. The cliffs resemble a face and legend has it that a pirate captain was turned to stone after trying to steal an icon from a local church others believe it is a nun that was turned to stone. The Ropa valley is a large expansive valley and around the area of Ermones a small stream runs into the valley making it a rich green area, teeming with flora and fauna. Corfu’s Golf and country club lies in this setting and is not far from Ermones beach. There are wonderful walks, bird spotting, cycling and a host of other activities to be found in the area. According to legend Odysseus, hero of Homer’s Odyssey who was travelling to Ithaca was washed ashore on Ermones by a great storm sent by Poseidon. The king of the sea was angry with Odysseus for blinding his son the Cyclops Polyphemu. Nausicaa a beautiful Phaeacian princesses and the daughter of the king Alkinous of Corfu, was sent to the river mouth by the god Athena to help Odysseus. In a dream she told Nausicaa to take her clothes to the river and wash them as she was soon to be married. After washing their clothes Nausicaa and her hand maidens played ball in the cool waters, when the ball was dropped they all laughed awaking Odysseus who had been washed up on the river banks. Nausicaa confronted the naked stranger and allowed him to explain himself as she knew that clothing did not make a man, the princesses allowed him to be introduced to court and the islanders, where he received great kindness, help and assistance to return to Ithaca.

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