Afionas village is set on the cliff tops above the resort of Agios Georgios, a wonderful traditional village it is first thought to have been inhabited in the 6th century BC, after which it was abandoned and then re-inhabited during 6th century AD. The village affords spectacular views both north and south along the coast and it is well worth stopping off if you are staying in the area or just visiting. At the centre of the village is a traditional square and an old church, narrow roads & paths run through off from the square, towards the headland you will find a café bar and a path down to the ancient harbour of Porto Timoni and a little further along you can find a small chapel built into the rocks, be aware the walk down will take about half an hour and you will need to come up again, the path is also extremely rugged and overgrown in parts. It is believed that there was once a fortress, built in 300 BC by Pirros, King of Epirus here but no remains have been found however excavations a little further along have uncovered a village dating from around 3000 BC during the Neolithic times.

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