Antinioti LagoonAntinioti Lagoon or Limnothalassa Antinioti is situated on the North of the island off the main road towards the coast in the region of Thinalion. At the far end of the main beach at Agios or Saint Spyridon on the North of the island is an inlet for the Lake, there is a small bridge here that will take you to the area known as Nissos Island.
This is a protected area in Corfu and is abundant with flora and wildlife including the threatened Otter species Lutra-lutra, and many rare orchids and offer great environmental interest. The lagoon area is about 1,000,000 square metres in size, comprising of around 400,000 for the lake with the remaining area accounting for the marshes and reed beds.
The lagoon area is listed on the European Environment agencies website and is a protected area categorised on the European Nature Information System (EUNIS) under Natura 2000.
In 1992 legislation was introduced to protect the most seriously threatened habitats across Europe and Natura 2000 was the result of this legislation bringing together special areas of protection and conservation.
Full details including Fauna and Flora in the area and other useful information can be found on the link below;

st spyridon monasteryApart from the wildlife and the lake, the entire area is beautiful and well worth a visit, there are plenty of wonderful walks around the lake and along the coastal paths. The landscape is varied with views of the high peaks of North Corfu, the breath taking mountains of Albania to the wonderful coastline around you. The area boast woodland paths, rugged shoreline paths, heathland areas, and lush lakeside reed beds along with beautiful sandy beaches and a derelict monastery.

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