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Nestled in the heart of Corfu, Ambelonas offers a very unique experience.


Just 500 meters from the crossroads that lead to Pelekas and Agios Ioannis in the direction of Pelekas before the hamlet of Karoubatika, in a green hill of 70.000 square meters is situated our vineyard (ambelonas in Greek). 


In Ambelona the visitor can experience:

• taste local traditional cooking combined with our Acordo products accompanied by our wines

• drink Greek coffee or an infusion from local – Ambelonas herbs together with traditional sweet preserved fruits

• observe installations and utensils that were used for the traditional production of wine and olive-oil and watch a video with the traditional production processes

• get to know about 35 of the Hippocrates’ Plants known as natural remedies and wich we use in our cooking

• walk by our vegetable garden from which we take our seasonal salads and herbs.

• purchase selected local products (fruit and vegetable jams and preserves, wine, fruit vinegars and infused olive oil, liquors, etc) from our store


Additionally, we offer entertainment and cultural activities for children and adults such as:

• Art Exhibitions (private collections and multimedia art)

• Plays and musical performances

Hands on Cooking classes
Discover Traditional  Corfiot wines and olive oil. Enjoy a home-cooked meal or taste local delicacies accompanied with authentic local wines.

  • Presentation Cooking classes
  • Three and Five course meals
  • Wine tasting
View the Hands on Cooking Details
View the wine tasting and food menus
Proprietor Vasiliki Karounou
Tel (+30)6973533514
Tel (+30)6932158888
kompitsio, Kerkyra, Corfu, 49 100 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece
Web Site
Acordo products can be purchased at our store, situated on site at Ambelonas 

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