P5090267P5090268The Church of the Saint Ioannis the Precursor, is situated in the heart of Corfu town and was built in the 15th century (1480) and is a four sided cubic church with a simple exterior without shutters in the windows, a bell tower and a wooden tiled roof set in stages. It was one of the first Cathedral Churches of the Head priests and belongs to the one-aisle royal church style like the other churches in Corfu.
Its interior has paintings from the some of the famous hagiographers of the Eptanesian School of Painting. The ceiling or ‘ourania’ and pulpit were painted in 1773 by Sp. Sperantzas. The marble chancel screen is decorated with eminent works of Eptanesian Schools of Painting of Georgios Chrysoloras, Tzenos and Emmanouel Bouniali-Tzanne.
The church honours the Saint Ioannis the Precursor with a feast on 29 August. The temple is dedicated St. John the Baptist and to Saint Paraskevi and Saint Dionysios.

Corfu Address: N. Theotoki str. opposite the church of Panagia ton Xenon

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