Acapella Cafe Bar (Kanoni)

acapella1We are open everyday from 2 p.m. until late at night.
With a lovely view to the airport, a friendly atmosphere to enjoy your coffee, snacks and cocktails.
Every Wednesday and Saturday local groups perfoming here with both greek and english rock music.

Ένα όνειρο ζωής, έγινε πραγματικότητα…

Ανοιχτά από τις 10 το πρωϊ, μέχρι αργά το βράδυ, για καφέ, ούζο, ποικιλία, κρασί, μπύρα, ποτό και υπέροχη μουσική.

Contact with us for reservations at Tel:(+30)2661046652 or Mobile:(+30)6946268622.


You can also find us on Facebook at AcapellaCafebar.

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